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We're glad you stopped by!  We are always adding new things so check back often!

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We also lucky enough to have members who volunteer without an animal.  They are a huge asset to the group and we are glad they have joined us.  Most of these volunteers go along with a Pet Partner Team and help them out.  All are active members of the group.


Bonnie is a volunteer at St. Elizabeth's who has helped with many of our fundraisers, including organizing many of the photo shoots for the 2007 calendar!


Ellie visits with Ouija and Nick and Nancy.


Lois joined our group in the Spring of 2004. She had passed the evaluations with her dog, Charlie, but then Charlie passed away shortly after. Lois visits with Katie and Sam at St. Elizabeth's while she is getting her new dog, also named Charlie, ready for the evaluations!


Nancy is K-9's For Compassion Hospital Clinical Advisor. Nancy is a Director of Nursing at St. Elizabeth's and is always available to our members to answer health related questions regarding visiting.


Patty is the senior public relations specialist for Humility of Mary Health Partners.  she assisted St. E's Volunteer Manager Maureen Metzger in the development of the program at St. Elizabeth's, which later expanded to The Assumption Village, Humility House and St. Joseph's -- all members of the HMHP region. Patty has often remarked that she is thinking of changing her profession from public relations to animal relations...she loves animals that much! When she heard Maureen was working on an animal-assisted activity program at St. E's, she volunteered to help. The satisfaction of seeing the program develop and flourish has been one of the highlights of her career. She often goes to the nursing units with one of the teams just to remind herself, "This is what it is all about." The patients' response to the animals is nothing short of phenomenal. They perk up, they talk, they move -- sometimes for the first time in a long time. She can personally attest to the "de-stressing" effects the dogs have on the staff as well...a benefit no one thought of when the program first began. Her volunteer work with K-9s for Compassion includes working on the calendar, assisting with testing and team training programs, and serving on the advisory committee.


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