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A Delta Society Pet Partner Program


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The following are some thank you notes and letters we have received.

February 4, 2004

Dear Mary & Moss,

We want to "thank you" for your time and efforts in the filming of Ouija and Moss.

Your expertise, professionalism and team work was a huge contributor to the success of this project.  

Moss, my cockatiel, "Noah" is not a Pet Partner, he prefers his home territory - but is a delight to us.  You taught Many that not all birds enjoy what you do - Great Job!

Great Job to the both of you!

Dianne M Bell
Program Coordinator of Pet Partners
Delta Society




                                                      January 28, 2004

Dear K-9's For Compassion,

We want to thank you, Brett, Dar, Karen, Tamra, Mo, Astro and Abbott for coming to Tobin on Saturday for the program.  It was done well, and all of the youth and staff really enjoyed it.  The kids love animals, and they really miss their pets.  This brought a part of them into Tobin.  Thanks for your investment into their lives.

Thank You,

John & Daryl Hersh
Tobin Center Chaplainry Ministry


                                                                                        March 26, 2003

Dear Katie:

Just wanted to thank you and all your friends and pets who came to our meeting on Sunday.  Everyone enjoyed the pets and all the interesting information regarding K-9's for Compassion.  

Please pass my thanks along to "Vickie" and her "friends"!

Lee Meadows, V.P.
Mended Hearts, Chapter 7


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