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Just like us humans, our animals cannot work forever.  They get tired, start getting stressed easier and develop their own health problems they have to deal with.  When this happens, we retire our members, even if it is only temporary.
This page highlights our retired members.


Bonita Cain Fanny
Munchkin Percy Tegan



Bonita - also known as Bo - has a special knack for visiting with cancer patients.  She immediately senses their condition and becomes extra attentive.  The 5-year-old Boxer mix lives with Katie Matola in Hubbard.  Bonita was the first member of the group.  When she's not volunteering, Bonita enjoys lounging on the couch watching Animal Planet.

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Cain is a 4-year-old Border Collie who joined the group in the spring of 2003.  Cain and his owner Linda Weber had to move to Tennessee because of Linda's husband's job.  We hated to see Cain and Linda leave us!

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Fanny is a 3-year-old cat who lives in Niles with Mark and Cyndi Rotunna.  She joined K-9's for Compassion in the fall of 2002 along with her cat brother, Smokey, and dog brother, Spanky.

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Percy is a 10-year-old cat who lives with Karen Becker in Cortland.  He joined the group in October 2001 and visited at Community Skilled Health Care.  Percy is what you call a "parrot cat."  He literally perches himself on Karen's shoulder as they visit.  Sometimes he just plops himself on a comfortable chair and waits for people to come by and pet him.  His favorite activity when at home is sprawling on whatever work Karen has out.

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Tegan is a 10-year-old Great Pyrenees who lives with Vicki in Poland.  She was certified as a Delta Society Pet Partner at Mercy Hospital in Canton in 1999, then tested and joined K-9's for Compassion as a charter member in September 2000.  Her favorite part of visiting at St. Elizabeth's and Tod's Behavioral Health Unit is "all the love."  Vicki said Tegan thinks the hospital is a house of love.  Both children and adults respond to this lovable ball of white fur.  Tegan retired from volunteer work early in 2002 due to health problems.  Now she enjoys sleeping and eating and going for short walks.

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