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We're glad you stopped by!  We are always adding new things so check back often!

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Even though the name or our group is K-9's for Compassion, as you can see there are also cats, birds and even a rabbit who volunteer their time to help fulfill the group's mission of sharing, caring and compassion.
We are pleased to introduce you to our current Pet Partner Teams!

Abbott Andy Angel
Bogey Carolina Chase
Emily Ginger Gizmo
Harry Potter Hunter Ichabod
Isabella Keeper
Kelsey Mason Mo
Mollie Moss Ouija
Poppy Sara Simon
Smokey Teea Vickie
Woody Zeena Zippy


Known best as "Abbott the Rabbit, or "the bunny in the basket," this 4-year old rabbit was found with a broken leg in a parking lot.  After two attempts to fix his leg by the wonderful folks at Town And Country Veterinary Hospital, the little guy was adopted by Karen of Cortland.  His visits to Community Skilled Heath care are the highlight of many residents' days.  He nestles into his basket while being petted, then pops his nose and ears over the top to see why the person stopped!  A soft and cuddly bunny, his favorite trick is to be held on his back so he can pull his front paws to his nose as if he's saying his prayers.  When not volunteering, Abbott enjoys playtime at home with the numerous animals he calls "kin" or lounging in his homemade cage munching on greens.

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Andy is a lover.  If you pet him for a few minutes, he'll "glue" himself to your side and become your best friend.  A member of the group since April 2001, the 8-year-old Golden Retriever lives with Mary in West Farmington and volunteers at St. Joseph's and Imperial Skilled Care Center.  He loves visiting with children and is especially fond of all the attention and petting he gets.  When he's not volunteering, he plays with balls and stuffed toys and enjoys an occasional swim in his own pond.

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Angel garners attention wherever she goes.  This loveable little 8-year-old Pug lives with Tom and Debbie in Howland.  She joined the group in the Spring of 2002 and visitis at St. Joseph's.  Angel loves people and likes to have a fuss made over her.  She also loves to eat, but is walked a mile a day to protect her "girlish" figure.

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Bear is a quiet dog, but he commands your attention when he walks into the room.  This 9-year-old Chow mix joined the group in April 2001.  Bear was brought to Town and Country Veterinary Hospital by the Animal Welfare League of Warren.  Sam fixed his leg and made him his own.  This wonderful dog lives with Sam and Katie in Hubbard, and volunteers at St. Elizabeth's and Horizon Villiage.  Bear enjoys visiting with all the patients and the many treats he receives from them.  When he's not volunteering, he ejoys going for long walks in the woods and playing with his best friend, Zinc.

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Bogey is a large dog with an even larger heart.  He loves everyone he meets and has a special love for children.  With his striking red color and expressive face, this 5-year-old Bullmastiff attracts attention wherever he goes.  Bogey joined the group in the fall of 2002.  He lives in Austintown with Lori and loves visiting at St. Elizabeth's, where he is so popular that people who've never met him know him by name.  "Oh, this must be Bogey," is the comment heard from many a staff member.  Some days, he can barely get out of the lobby because of the crowd he attracts.  When he's not visiting, he enjoys cuddling on the couch, going to dog shows and playing with his canine siblings, Foster and Kirby.

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Carolina is a 5-year-old Dalmatian mix who joined the group in the Spring of 2003.  She visits at St. Elizabeth's with Larry of Canfield.  Carolina enjoys being the center of attention, which usually starts the minute she hits the lobby door.  When she's at home, Carolina likes playing with her stuffed toys, and romping with her cat siblings, Doc, Buckeye and Rascal.  She also loves to visit with her doggie girlfriends next door, Cassie and Nicki.

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Memories of Lassie run through your mind when you look into the eyes of Chase, a 5-year-old Rough-Coated Collie who lives with Patty in Hubbard.  Chase grabs the attention of the residents at Park Vista Retirement Center weekly.  He enjoys being petted; everyone he meets he considers a friend.  On his off time Chase enjoys going to dog shows and playing with his human brother and his dog family, Chelsea and Chloe.

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Emily and her owner, Cheryl of Canfield, are a striking pair.  With their similarly colored manes, they turn heads everywhere they go.  This 7-year-old Golden Retriever joined the group in October 2001 and has since made St. Elizabeth's her home.  In the Spring of 2002, she had the privilege of introducing the K-9's program to the rehab unit, where she is kept busy providing animal assisted therapy.  In 2003, Emily was again privileged to introduce K-9's to another inpatient area - the behavioral health unit, where she enjoys visiting with some very special people and staff members.  When she's not volunteering, Emily loves to play "chase me" and run through the sprinkler.

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When Ginger walks into the room, all eyes turn to view this "gorgeous redhead."  An 9-year-old Golden Retriever who has been with the group since October 2001, she lives with Catherine in Youngstown.  Her favorite part of volunteering is being petted by people in the lobby, the elevator, the nurses station and the rooms.  At home, she likes to play with her ball and Frisbee - or just about any other toy - and loves to chase and break bubbles.  She also likes to play with herlittle sister, Poppy, who is also a member of K-9's.

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Gizmo and his owner, Marion of Warren, enjoy visiting all of the new found friends at Community Skilled Health Care.  Gizmo has been a member of K-9's For Compassion since 2003 and has a strong following.  He enjoys the attention, cookies and kisses most of all.  At home, he likes going for walks and rides in the car.  Gizmo is a 5-year-old Papillion and one of a handful of small dogs in the group.  They may be small... but they have huge hearts!

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter is a 7-year-old rescued greyhound who lives in Williamsfield, Ohio, with his owner, Marie.  A member of K-9's since the fall of 2003, Harry and Marie visit at Imperial Skilled Care Center in Warren.

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Hunter is an energetic 7-year-old Golden Retriever who is full of life.  A charter member of the group, he lives with Nancy in Warren and volunteers at Community Skilled Health Care.  He most enjoys all the hands-on attention he gets when volunteering.  When he's at home, he likes to swim and romp in the woods.

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Ichabod, whose nickname is "Icky", joined the K-9's group in the spring of 2003.  This 3-year-old Shih-Tzu lives in Lowellville with her owner, Karen. and visits at St. Elizabeth's.  When she visits with patients, she loves to lay her head on the towel Karen has placed on the bed and really enjoys the pets she receives.  When she's at home, her favorite activities are playing fetch, going for walks, and car rides.

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Isabella - who is also known as "Bella" - is a 2-year-old Yorkshire terrier who lives with Jodi in Girard.  She joined the group in the spring of 2003 and visits at St. Elizabeth's CHF clinic, where she thoroughly enjoys all the attention she gets from the patients.  At home, her favorite activities are playing ball, traveling around as a "purse puppy" and chasing squirrels outside.  Isabella is now on "temporary retirement" due to a medical condition.  Your prayers to her are welcomed!

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Jake is an 8-year-old English shepherd mix who lives with Tiffany in Newton Falls.  He's been a member of K-9's since the fall of 2002 and is on temporary retirement.  Jake's wagging tail from the minute he sees Tiffany getting ready throughout his entire visiting experience is an indication of how much he enjoys his work.  When he's at home, his favorite activities are lying on the couch and playing with his 6-year-old sister, Lacey Lynn, a miniature Schnauzer..

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This 4-year-old Border Collie mix can bring a smile to the face of anyone.  Keeper and his mom, Charlene from Hubbard, enjoy visiting weekly at St. Elizabeth's.  They joined K-9's For Compassion in 2003 and have been a huge hit ever since.  Keeper enjoys having his ears rubbed and back scratched while visiting.  During his off time, he enjoys going for walks with grandpa and playing ball.  This beautiful boy is just what the doctor ordered!

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Kelsey is a 3-year-old Golden Retriever who joined the group in the fall of 2002.  She lives with Sue in Canfield and very much enjoys volunteering in St. Elizabeth's rehabilitation units.  Her favorite part of visiting is walking the patients on the rehabilitation unit.  She looks quite proud as she walks with them at their pace, giving them the confidence to face the challenges of recovery.  When she's at home, she likes to "pick" on her big sister, a 9-year-old Lhasa Apso mix named Buffy.

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Mason is a 5-year-old Black Labrador Retriever who lives with Andrea in Canfield.  He joined the group in October 2001 and volunteers at Humility House.  His favorite part of visiting is the attention and petting he gets from the residents and employees - and the ice cream cone on the way home.  When he's not visiting, Mason loves boating and swimming.  He also likes to eat, sleep, play frisbee and go for a daily walk.

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Mo loves people!  And people are certainly curious about this 4-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier, who instantly wins their hearts with his charming ways.  A member of the group since the Fall of 2002, Mo visits at St. Elizabeth's behavioral health unit and St. Joseph's.  His favorite part of volunteering is meeting all the people in the lobby, who give him lots of pets, and getting attention from kids (his weekness).  He likes going to work with his owners, Dar and Brett of Warren, and at home he enjoys chasing a ball and getting tormented by his younger sister, Kiya, who is also an American Staffordshire Terrier.

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Mollie is a 6-year-old Golden Retriever whose sweet demeanor melts hearts everywhere she goes.  A charter member of the group, she lives with Sue in Hubbard and visits at Park Vista Retirement Center.  Sue's granddaughter, Kera, also visits with Mollie.  Her favorite part of visiting is all the individual attention, petting and treats the residents give her.  Her favorite activities when not visiting are riding in the truck, running in the woods and curling up to sleep on just about any of the soft furniture in her house.  No one goes for a walk in the Kelley household without taking Mollie.

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Moss is a 19-year-old Solomon Island Eclectus who joined the group in April 2001.  He lives in West Farmington with Mary and visits at Imperial Skilled Care Center.  He loves to show off his beautiful coloring and eagerly accepts and enjoys the many pets he gets from residents while visiting.  When he's at home, he likes eating fruits and veggies, sharing supper with the family, and hanging out with his mate, Rosie.  Moss' volunteer work at nursing homes was featured on an episode of Animal Planet's "A Pet Story" in 2003.

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Ouija is an 13-year-old Umbrella Cockatoo who lives with Nick and Nancy of Girard.  He is a delight to see as he talks to the residents at Liberty Arms.  He occasionally will sing and dance, too.  When he's at home, he likes playing with his toys, eating baby food, and going "bye-bye".  Ouija's volunteer activity was featured on an episode of Animal Planet's "A Pet Story" in 2003.

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This gorgeous Gordon Setter is owned by Catherine of Youngstown and blesses St. Elizabeth's and the Assumption Village with frequent visits.  She enjoys "discovering" everything she comes in contact with while visiting.  While at home, she likes playing with her toys, practicing obedience and playing with her sister, Ginger who is also a K-9's volunteer.  Poppy has been a member of our group since 2003.

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Sara steals the heart of just about everyone she meets.  A charter member of the group, this 9-year-old Golden Retriever lives with Diana in Brookfield and visits at Horizon Village.  Her favorite parts of volunteering are seeing old friends and making new ones.  Her favorite activity at home is playing with her large collection of stuffed animals.  She also enjoys playing with her little sister, Gracie, a Golden Retriever who has high hopes of also being a K-9's volunteer.

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Simon is a 5-year-old kitty who loves to be carried like a baby.  This handsome gray cat lives with Karen in Cortland and has been a part of K-9's For Compassion since October 2001.  Simon visits at Community Skilled Heath Care where he most enjoys curling up in residents' laps while they pet him.  At home, Simon can be found slyly batting at the tails of his dog and cat siblings or chasing a shadow across the wall!  He best loves making his way to the backyard fence to visit with the little girl next door.

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Smokey is a 13-year-old cat who lives in Niles with his owners, Mark and Cyndi.  He joined K-9's for Compassion in the fall of 2002 along with his cat sister, Fanny and dog brother, Spanky.  He loves his work, and his has favorite residents he visits at Community Skilled Heath Care.  

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Teea is a sweetheart with a heart of gold.  A 4-year-old Bullmastiff, she attracts attention wherever she goes.  She has an old sould that is kind and giving.  A member of the group since the fall of 2002, she visits at St. Joseph's.  Her favorite things about visiting are the pets from the residents and the cookies she gets from the staff!  Her favorite thing when she's at home with her owner, Becky of Leavittsburg, is chewing on a new bone.  She also likes going for a daily walk and taking rides in the van.

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Victoria Rose is a 6-year-old black standard poodle who walks with a regal air and has a heart as big as they come.  Blessed with an uncanny ability to sense when someone is distressed, Vickie nudges closer and closer until her head rests on the leg of one whose troubles will soon melt away with a pat on her sweet, soft, curly head.  She volunteers at St. Elizabeth's and Horizon Village.  Vickie lives in Hubbard with Katie and Sam.  Her favorite part of visiting is hearing, "You are soooo beautiful ... what a nice dog."  And, if there's a camera in sight, she'll be sure to pose for the picture.  When she's at home, she likes walking in the woods, sitting on her "throne," and playing with her red rocket.

Follow this link to read Vickie's rescue story.

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Woody is a 6-year-old Black Labrador Retriever who lives with Mimi in Hubbard.  He joined the group in the Spring of 2003 and visits at Park Vista Retirement Center and Liberty Arms.  He gets excited and heads right for the door when Mimi asks, "Do you want to go to work?"  He sits proudly in the car all the way to the nursing home and wags his tail as he meets and greets the residents he loves so well.  When he's not visiting, he likes to take naps, swim, run with his brother, Sam, and carry around his favorite stuffed toy.

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Zeena is a 5-year-old Golden Retriever who stands out in a crowd with her beautiful coat and demeanor.  A charter member of the group, she lives in Warren with Nancy and she volunteers at Community Skilled Health Care, St. Joseph's.  Her favorite part of visiting is the attention and treats.  When she's at home, she seeks out water - even if only a puddle.  She also likes romping through the woods and rolling on toys, rolling in the woods and just plain rolling on her back!

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Zippy is a 2-year-old Abyssinian cat that lives with Cindy in Warren.  Zippy is an unusual breed, and is a very loving cat.  He has a following everywhere he visits, but his home base is Horizon Village Nursing Home. He loves to lie on the bed while visiting.  He relaxes and plays and purrs, which brings a smile to the residents' faces.  Zippy's favorite activity outside of his work is watching birds, spider chasing, chasing string, or running wildly around the house provoking his canine brother, Blackjack.  He has been a member of K-'s since 2003.

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